The Australian Sport and Racing Party (ASRP) was founded in August 2016, in response to the decision by the NSW State Liberal/National Government to outlaw greyhound racing.

The brainchild of greyhound racing veteran Ray Pitstock, the ASRP opposes the views of the Liberals, Nationals, Greens and the Animal Justice Party in regards to the ban.

The ASRP condemns the mistreatment of animals and wants to ensure animal welfare is maintained at a high level and we know this can be achieved by reforming the industry which is what we will be fighting for.

While the initial focus is to overturn the greyhound racing ban, the ASRP is also dedicated to all forms of racing and sport, especially those which include animal participants. We aim to promote, foster and support each industry and encourage sustainable growth, all the while ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare in connection with sport and racing activities.

The ASRP believes the racing industry as a whole lacks appropriate representation within the government and will set out to provide fair outcomes for racing and sports in regards to relevant legislation.

The ASRP is a firm believer in participation in sport and racing at all levels of society and this inclusiveness is one of the pillars the party is built on.

The ASRP is open to all and we encourage everyone with an interest in racing and sports to consider joining the party to protect the livelihoods and lifestyles of all participants from within the sport and racing communities of Australia.

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